Mini Reviews: Paper Girls, Ali Wong

All about the girls in this post!

I’d been meaning to finish the Paper Girls series for ages now, and actually found myself with the opportunity to do so. Thankfully, I borrowed a couple of graphic novels from my library before it closed down due to the lockdowns across the country, and here we are.

What I’ve noticed with Brian K. Vaughan and his stories: he knows how to produce cliffhanger endings. But I don’t know…this ending was supposed to put the series full-circle, and I just found myself going: “Wait, that’s it? Uh…really?”

Anyway, I’d still recommend the series for its whirlwind craziness, if nothing else.

I actually watched Always Be My Maybe and discovered Ali Wong that way. When Netflix put up her standup comedy sets, I ended up watching those, too. What I did find was that she got fixated on certain aspects of her body that I didn’t care much to listen to. I did like her references to pop culture and whatnot, but things just got too obscene for my tastes.

Have you read either book? What did you think?

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