Mini Reviews: Wayward Vol. 3 and 4

I’ve been meaning to post a few reviews but I kept forgetting to write anything down, which is weird, because I write EVERYTHING down. Anyway, finally got around to posting up some Wayward reviews!

I like this series so far. There’s been a bit of a divide, with some people falling off the interest wagon by Volume 3 and “meh”-ing Volume 4, but I’m kind of the opposite for some reason. Maybe it’s the situation I’m in at the moment, and reading Wayward–like playing Persona 5 Royal–is me living vicariously as the protagonists wade through the streets of Japan, taking names and kicking ass.

Anyway, Wayward is really what happens when Neil Gaiman (American Gods) and ATLUS Games (Persona series) have a lovechild. It wasn’t clear from the first two volumes, but you can definitely see it by Volume 3.


When we finally get to Volume 4, history from Rori’s paternal side comes to light, and it gets even better IMHO. I think I’m biased, because I adore Cummings’ depiction of the story. The illustrations are gorgeous, which makes the action sequences even better to go through.


Have you read this series? What did you think?

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