Mini Reviews: Catch and Kill, She Said

Have I said I’ve been reading nonfiction lately? You’d think I would go to books that’d be more comfortable to read during these tumultuous times. BUT NAH.

(In my defense, I finally have started going back to my usual YA happy place, and I HAVE NO REGRETS THERE EITHER.)

I saw Catch and Kill as an audiobook narrated by the author himself, and I borrowed it for some background listening. Nonfiction tends to drone out in the background, but in this case, things got so interesting that I listened almost non-stop in two sittings.

She Said details the story behind the Harvey Weinstein in the perspective of the two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors who broke the Weinstein story to the New York Times. While Farrow’s dealt with the sense of corruption within the Weinstein company, Twohey and Kantor continue on to tell the story of #metoo past the Weinstein drama. I felt the perspectives could have done better with a first person POV, but it’s understandable that the journalists chose to go third person throughout the accounts.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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