Mini Reviews: The Alchemyst, Monstress Vol. 4

Getting back into gear with some SFF reviews!

I’ve been following each volume of Monstress ever since I read the first volume up on Netgalley some time ago. So this is no different, despite my not having made it to the 2019 NYCC; despite BookCon being cancelled this year. All the same, I do love this series, and I’m glad things are getting clearer in terms of story.

Mostly I just love looking at the artwork. Heh.

The second book I’m not as keen on, to be honest. Perhaps if I’d read it some time ago, when I’m not nearly as picky, I would have liked the adventure. As is, Scathach was the only character in the story I liked. Well, actually, no. Lie. I liked Perenelle Flamel as well. But how could I not?

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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