Mini Reviews: The Water Dancer, Midnight Poppy Land

There really should be some sort of way to gauge pages with Webtoons, because getting through 58 “episodes” of Midnight Poppy Land in two sittings felt like getting through a 200-something page book. It was addicting, albeit in graphic novel form, and the only reason I’ve even put it down is because Lilydusk has decided to take a hiatus. (Good on her for that break! But gaaaah, do I want season 2!)

All the same, I need a new Webtoon to get addicted to, but I also probably need to get through my pile of books I’m currently reading…

The other book, The Water Dancer, was an audiobook I’d listened to during my #24in48 spree last February. Wasn’t bad to listen to, even with the whole magical realism thing, but I think it could have just been a non-magical book and it would have moved just the same. Bit of a slow plot, though.

Have you read either of these? What did you think?


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