Mini Reviews: The Queen’s Gambit, The Henna Artist

Some audiobook love here!

I admit, I’ve been listening more to audiobooks than reading because I’ve been busy with work and class. Most of my book-reading has been school-related lately, and so I haven’t been as focused on my other books as I normally am. (That said, I’ve been reading Six of Crows this week and intend to finish before the Netflix series of Shadow and Bone releases this month!)

In the case of The Queen’s Gambit, though, I will say I met Beth Harmon through Netflix first. When I realized it was based off of a book by Walter Tevis, I had to read that like I read The Duke and I when I realized Bridgerton was a book series. I enjoyed the book; it was quite literally the play by play of the show, so you know how faithful the show was to the actual original material.

As for The Henna Artist, I was really interested in how the protagonist manages to climb the ranks after removing herself from her abusive husband. But technically…she hasn’t removed herself from the husband at the start of this book, and there were just things that annoyed me overall about the book itself.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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