Mini Reviews: Promised Land, The Book of Longings

Here are some reviews of the political and religious nature! (Trust me to manage to get both types of books into this review, hah!)

After struggling through a book hangover with the Six of Crows series, it’s taking a longer time for me to pick up an actual book to read. I had initially said that I’d take a break from Bardugo’s Grishaverse, then ended up reading The Language of Thorns anyway, so there’s that. I’ll probably get a review on that book and The Lives of Saints at some point, but I’m definitely going to wait on King of Scars and Rule of Wolves, considering I’ve already seen some spoilers for them and I’m satisfied with where I stand right now in terms of the Grishaverse.

That being said, I have gone through a number of audiobooks despite my reluctance to pick up physical books. And some of these audiobooks have been pretty good. Mostly because I avoid fantasy audiobooks…for good reasons. (Though this will change once I can finally borrow an N.K. Jemisin book, but nevermind…)

I really enjoyed Michelle Obama’s Becoming a few years back, and it’s always interesting to see the story of the Obama administration in the eyes of the former president himself. I’m a little skeptical over the length of Promised Land, though, and I will admit that I did slog through a bit of the audiobook–often falling asleep in particularly dull moments of the narration. It could have used an editor’s touch, but the book itself was definitely insightful, regardless of what political standing you fall into.

The second book grabbed my attention because it dealt with a historical perspective of the life of Jesus, in the eyes of his wife. Already my Catholic school teaching mindset started to question things about the book itself, and I had initial misgivings about how things would go down in this book. I actually appreciated how well Sue Monk Kidd wrote this historical aspect, and it was respectfully done! Again, regardless of your religious beliefs, this was an interesting read, and not so much about Jesus at all, but about a woman trying to survive a time period where her voice wasn’t heard at all.

Have you read either book? What did you think?

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