Mini Reviews: Legend, Prodigy

I realize that I’d been sitting on writing a review for Legend for the longest time, but I honestly forgot most of what I’d wanted to write about it at this point. By the time I skimmed through Prodigy, I decided that these were better off as mini-reviews.

The Legend copy I’m reviewing was an ARC I received a long time ago, so if there’d been any major alterations to the story, I don’t really have another copy to cross-check in any case. That said, I really liked this story, and I’m glad I waited much longer to read this after the dystopian YA hype.

Unpopular opinion time: As for Prodigy, I wasn’t as gung-ho about the whole rebellion. Most of what rankled me really occurred in Day’s POV. Like, from the get-go in Legend, it was established that Day saw Tess as a sister, so it bothered me that she was being added as a potential LI in the second book–a point that kept getting repeated by some of the other characters in the book. Meanwhile, I felt like June did whatever it took to show her own kind of devotion to Day and his fight, and yet her trust was in question? Despite the shenanigans in the book with Anden (who, honestly, I liked…just not with June), I just wasn’t into it. But then again, I kind of just started looking up spoilers for the rest of the trilogy, because it was either that or want to spork my eyes out.

Of the two sets of worlds I have had the pleasure of reading from Marie Lu, I will hands down stan for Warcross and Wildcard.

Have you read either book or the series? What did you think?

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