Mini Reviews: Champion by Marie Lu

Double-feature mini of the same story! Okay, so there is a distinct difference between the two. The thing about retelling a story and putting them into graphic novel form is there will always be something missing. Graphic novels are limited in scope. But what it lacks in worldbuilding and character content, it compensates with pictures, which is why I also like having it around if I can. That said, someone on IG actually recommended that I read the books first before reading the graphic novels, and I took that to heart when I did the first two books.

This third book, Champion, is no different. Mostly because I saw how much actual context was being removed in the graphic novel, and Lu built up such a dystopian backdrop that it’d be a shame not to at least get through the trilogy once, despite my grumblings that I can’t handle the nonsense a lot of the characters are up to. Anyway, I’m glad I gave this trilogy another chance, and it was a fun trip down dystopian memory lane. I forgot how riveting post-apocalyptic worlds tend to be sometimes.

Have you read this book/graphic novel/series? What did you think?

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