Mini Reviews: The Guest List, The Inheritance Games

I’ve been rather blah about my audiobook choices lately, though to be fair, the one I’m currently listening to (Tokyo Ever After) is much better than the previous three audiobooks I’ve listened to combined. That said, I suppose they still warrant reviews, if not at least now I have some place to make note of how I felt about these books.

I’ve had a copy of The Guest List since it was provided as an ARC way back when (I think I’d received it as a promo copy during the online ComicCon or Bookconline event in 2020). In any case, it seemed an interesting enough premise: someone dies on an island, and the suspect are key wedding guests. I guess I didn’t “jive” with this book because I didn’t sympathize with any of the character POVs. By the time the actual crime was committed, I practically just rolled my eyes, said, “good riddance,” and didn’t care who did the deed.

I picked up The Inheritance Games soon after having enjoyed A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. It only seemed right to continue my spree on murder mystery audiobooks. Those are always fun, right? And this one promised to give me a bang for my nonexistent buck! I guess I didn’t really enjoy the audiobook as much, but I also feel like I could have benefited from just reading this in general. There were too many names to keep track of at the beginning, the brothers had me mixed up (aside from Grayson and Jameson, I honestly have no clue who most of them were for a majority of the book), and the mystery seemed so hinged on the seemingly illogical whims of a dead guy. I might have a go at it again at some point, maybe if I’m bored, but the sequels for me are a hard pass right now.

Have you read either book? What did you think?

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