Mini Reviews: The Glass Magician, The Master Magician

As promised, mini reviews of the rest of the Paper Magician trilogy! I didn’t think I wanted to rehash everything I’d liked about The Paper Magician in a full-on review, especially since Ceony’s story seemed like a continuous adventure seamlessly entwined through each book.

The Glass Magician continues the story almost a year after The Paper Magician, and the romance picks up! Still not much to be said about the burgeoning relationship between Emery and Ceony, but unlike my trepidation in the first book, this book was pretty good in that sense. I also liked the highlight of glass magic, and an explanation of bonding to the designated materials.

The third book occurs another almost-year later (or maybe it was weeks, months…I can’t recall), and though this time the relationship is pretty much established, there are still hurdles to get through. More troubles ahead, including an escaped Excisioner out for, well, blood.

Overall, the three books are worth the read, especially if you’re keen on fantasy in London!

Have you read this trilogy? What did you think?

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