Mini Reviews: The Love Hypothesis, The Unhoneymooners

Here’s something I normally don’t review: contemporary romance novels! But I think my stance on contemp romances has severely altered since my college years, and clearly I’ve been more comfortable reading them because of…dare I say it…AU fanfiction. Copious amounts of AU fanfiction. Like you don’t even know.

So it’s no stretch that the first one that caught my eye recently was a book that slapped a Star Wars ship on the cover. (I mean, COME ON, the cover is practically screaming Kylo Ren and Rey kissing in lab coats…) That being said, regardless of whether you ship these SW characters, the story itself takes only archetypes of the characters (at least, in Adam Carlsen’s case anyway), and The Love Hypothesis can certainly be enjoyed regardless of whether or not you ship Kylo and Rey.

Because The Love Hypothesis set up such a high bar for me, it’s not really surprising that my next contemp romance read didn’t hit me as hard as TLH. Another Olive as the main character, (and a curvier one, so kudos!), but bits of the book mostly just made me roll my eyes. I still enjoyed it, mind, but it was definitely not as “unputdownable” as TLH–which I’d read in two sittings.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Love Hypothesis, The Unhoneymooners

  1. Out of the two, I’ve only read The Unhoneymooners, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was just the prefect ridiculous, fluffy, and still sort of sad book I always crave when trying to recover from stressful exam study times 🤣 So since you think The Love Hypothesis is better, I might have to give that a try eventually, too!


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