Mini Reviews: Shatter Me, Wires and Nerve Vol. 1

Happy Revenge of the Fifth!

For that, I think it’s high time to do some science fiction reviews, which is good timing this week!

I normally do not recommend books to my 7th graders if I’ve never read them, but a few years back I was recommended the Shatter Me series, and one of my students had sworn by it. She’d enjoyed it that much, and this was a girl who’d taken to V. E. Schwab’s This Savage Song immediately. So I thought, hey, why not, I have the first three books and meant to collect the last three in the series to read eventually. I lent my copies to my current 7th graders, and now three of them can talk of nothing but the series. I figure it was high time I at least read the first book! (Also, the paperback eye covers are so pretty and eerie, and I kinda like them!)

As for Wires and Nerve, Vol. 1, I’ve been holding onto this volume for years, and it’s been a while since I’ve read the entire Lunar Chronicles series. I figured I needed something lighter to read, though, after the heavy books I’d been getting into, and I’m glad I finally read it! Haven’t got to the second volume yet, but I finally got me a copy of it, and it’s on my list for the month!

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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