Food and Fandom: Forged Frittata

Wow, I think it’s almost been a year since I’ve put up a new food and fandom post! Not that I’ve been lacking food inspiration, just that I’ve been lacking the motivation to actually plan out what type of foods to make based on the books I’ve read (or the anime I’ve watched–and boy, watching Food Wars ALWAYS makes me want to cook something from the show). I shall try to remedy that by doing something a bit more regularly.


(click on the frittata recipe here)

The dining room was filled with Forged animal creations. Glass ravens roosted on the chandelier. Stained-crystal hummingbirds zipped across his line of sight. A marvelous peacock trailed its plumage of garnets and emeralds, the sound of its translucent feathers like chiming bells. The table was smoked glass, and laid out with steaming dishes: eggs baked in roasted tomatoes, frittata flecked with chili, fette biscottate, and golden cups filled with dark coffee.

The Bronzed Beasts – Roshani Chokshi

Honestly, I could have done any number of foods that Laila baked, particularly tarte tatin, which is an apple pastry that I’m still contemplating making to go with the rest of The Gilded Wolves trilogy. That said, there’s something about the simplicity of frittata juxtaposed with the crazy ambitious visual Chokshi gave in The Bronzed Beasts. Also, I just love eggs in general, and something that sounds like an omelet is definitely the way to go!

ANYWAY. Frittata. I’ve never actually tried this before, but after looking at the recipe, I realized it’s a pretty simple thing with a varied amount of ways you can dress this dish up. And depending on your taste or preference, you can certainly mix and match flavor profiles. I wanted to try one of the ones suggested on the recipe page, so I went for the mushroom, arugula (and spinach), and goat cheese combination.

SO. GOOD. I went the baking route, which is expected, since, ya know, I’m always afraid I’m going to burn my omelettes half the time, so why not just stick this in the oven and go!

Verdict: For such a simple recipe, it’s pretty great with a number of different carbs–or you can even eat it alone. I actually liked the frittata cold versus warm, because it reminded me of the fluffy tamago texture, but with fillings inside. Certainly something to repeat. Since making this for the FF post, I’ve also done a cherry tomato, mozzarella, and basil combo, which also got some pretty good reviews from my sister and brother-in-law, so all in all, I’m in love with making this!

And, just for The Bronzed Beasts’ sake, we’ve added chili pepper flakes on top!

Recipe: Frittata

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