Food and Fandom: Heartstopping Falafels

Gasp! Another food and fandom post! Again, trying for a more regular thing, but no promises, because I did something about duck, and I can’t quite remember which book I got that one from, so…yeah. This will be fun.


(Click on the falafel recipe here).

From Heartstopper, Vol. 3 by Alice Oseman

So I live in a Southeast Asian neighborhood, and when I want to make SEA foods, it’s not very hard to find ingredients for them (I can even find some Indian ingredients where I used to live, which isn’t too far from where I live now). And even if I don’t feel like cooking, convenience is that I can actually just buy takeout of mostly SEA foods. What’s much harder to find are places that I can get really good Mediterranean dishes. I literally have to drive a few towns over to get falafels, and overpriced ones at that.

But I can understand now why they’re so overpriced, because there’s quite a bit of work and time being put into actually making them! In any case, I found a recipe online to make falafels, and after reading the volume in Heartstopper, I really wanted to make some of my own.

And so I embarked on a quest! Well, not really. Turns out dried chickpeas are actually easy to find, as are all the ingredients I needed for falafels. What I really needed, though, was some time on my hands, because those chickpeas needed some good old fashioned soaking. Oh, and a food processor, because there was no way I was hand-making these without help. And probably something to scoop these babies out of the fryer…

Verdict: I definitely overestimated how much falafel I was going to make for this recipe. I made so much that I had to freeze a good half of it, because these only keep for a day or two after being fried, and much better when they’re being eaten fresh from the fryer! In any case, these were definitely good alternatives to croutons on a salad! I didn’t get to make the sauces that make these falafels “pop,” but it’s a good thing I have some still frozen over so I can make the sauces (and put them in a pita) for round 2!

Recipe: Falafel

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