Mini Reviews: Stuck with You, The Witches

Some more audiobook reviews here! First up is another Ali Hazelwood novella!

I’m…actually hoping Hazelwood goes beyond the usual tropes that are filled to the brim in her novellas, because they’re all kind of starting to sound the same. I still love how she represents women in STEM through these stories, but Stuck with You is definitely my least favorite so far.

Mostly, I just felt really bad for Erik.

Mildly disappointed, but at the same time, I love Sadie’s support system of Hannah and Mara (and Liam!!!). And when the banter got going, it worked. And when the steam happened–well damn. BUT COME ON. The elevator was totally a missed opportunity. I said what I said.

Meanwhile my issue with The Witches is that it’s a product of its time. The villains are characterized as “ugly child-hating women” who are grotesque, smelly, and hiding behind beautiful facades. And then it turns out that the very things these witches are condemned for are actively ENABLED in the little boy protagonist, who’s encouraged to stay smelly and gross for story purposes. And there’s an entire line that grandma says about loving the boy unconditionally, but I dunno. It doesn’t hit me as endearing by that point.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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