Mini Reviews: Beneath the Sugar Sky, In an Absent Dream

Alright, more Seanan McGuire and Wayward Children mini reviews! Really am having a great time reading this series.

Beneath the Sugar Sky is book 3 of the series, and thus follows the next installment in the adventures of those in Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. “No visitors. No quests.”

Except, once more, things go out of hand, and all the rules are thrown out the window when a girl falls out of the sky and begins looking for her mother–who no longer exists to give birth to her. Yeah, things get even weirder once the characters step into a land of confection and many, many, many cookies.

In an Absent Dream is book 4 of the series, and thus follows the backstory format. This novella focuses on Lundy’s backstory (Lundy is first introduced in book 1, Every Heart a Doorway), which takes place in a very logical fairyland, where rules and bargains are constantly being made, and the Goblin Market is your life.

Again, all of these books are really easy reads, and very quick ones at that!

Have you read this series? What did you think?

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