Mini Reviews: The Hating Game, Below Zero

I am almost caught up on my reviews list! I’ve been sitting on so many reviews, I don’t even know what to do with them really. If I didn’t actually make a list, I’m sure I would have missed a few, since I rearranged some things to go hand in hand with the season. (Which meant Belladonna got prioritized last week, hah.)

Anyway, I read The Hating Game over the summer, and at the time, I did have a lot to say about it. When I watched the movie, I definitely had so much to say about that, but I will only gloss over the movie a bit. Which is to say I was not a fan. After how much of a high the book gave me–I did stay up for most of a night reading it–the movie itself lacked everything I loved about the book. There was hardly any chemistry, the portions that I enjoyed about the book were dimmed down, and the banter didn’t hit as hard as it did in the book itself.

Oh, no. I’m ranting again.

Suffice to say I did enjoy the book, it was definitely a quick read, and I do love me some enemies-to-lovers. (Though…I’m not quite sure this really was an enemies-to-lovers, considering Lucy pretty much had the hots for the guy about 50 pages in…)

After the last Hazelwood novella slightly disappointed me, I was really hesitant to pick up this last novella when it was finally available to me as an audiobook. Ever since The Love Hypothesis and then Under One Roof, I felt like I was reading the same characters over and over again. I was okay with this at a certain point, but Stuck with You really grated on me for some reason. Thankfully, I’m glad to say that Below Zero brought me back to a happier place. There’s also still the standard Hazelwood tropes she’s really been writing across the board in both TLH and her STEMinist novellas, but in this case they didn’t make me so angry like Sadie and Erik’s missed elevator smut opportunity did in SwY.

Whatever the case, Below Zero gave me some hope of what to expect in Love on the Brain, because engineers, man.

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