Mini Reviews: Arsenic and Adobo, Beautiful Creatures

I actually read these two books on my prolific reading month of September. Because I’d read copiously in the last two months, I kind of did stumble into books that were really just meh for me. Maybe at a different time, I might have actually liked these, but right now, the rest of the series for each of these books are hard passes for me.

Admittedly, I’d been excited at first because this book came highly recommended by someone I usually share similar book tastes with. I probably still do! But for some reason, I just couldn’t get into Arsenic and Adobo as much as I really wanted to. I like my fair share of cozy mysteries, but I think a lot of this got bogged down by forcing the super-awkward–and super-exaggerated Fil-Am situations and dialogue. I normally love reading food descriptions, but even in A&A, my attention span started wandering; Lila as the MC just wouldn’t shut up about how decadent the flavors were in a single slice of cake/tart/pie and how she can further use this inspired combination of flavors for her dishes. And this is ALL DURING A PERSONAL INVESTIGATION INTO A MURDER. Honestly, the meandering took me away from the narrative way too many times.

To be fair, this next book would have probably gotten a better rating from me if I’d still been in my Twilight phase (I did go through one!). Alas, poor Yorick!

Beautiful Creatures also didn’t need to be over 550 pages long. Literally almost nothing happened half the time. Even Twilight had some kind of major events happening while Bella was spending an entire high school year in Forks.

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