Mini Reviews: What Moves the Dead, Monstress Vol. 6

Another set of mini reviews! I actually did a pretty good job of getting through the books I’ve read this year. And here I was thinking I would need to slow down on the reading to be able to review them all!

But I suppose there’s my reading journal and copious amount of time now that I’m almost finished with grad school. Just wait until next spring when I have more time on my–

Yeah, right. Knowing me, I will probably find something to get busy over. Here’s hoping anyway.

I read What Moves the Dead as part of my Spooky Season read back in October, but I kept pushing this review in light of other books I’d read. It was still a great book, though I will admit after having read–and strangely liked–Mexican Gothic, I couldn’t help but strike comparisons in that end.

Also, it must be the season of the dead bunnies, because Hell Bent is coming out in January and that’s also got a bunny on the cover. Super creepy, by the way.

As for Monstress…

I’ve been following Monstress since the first volume came out many years ago. It’s got its seventh volume out now (which I will eventually get to, since I now own a copy), but somehow I’m hoping this series will actually end somewhere. It’s gotten hard enough to follow as is, and no amount of lore-explaining cat can help with my attention span!

That said, I am biased. And I will be sad when this is over. The series is such a trip, and I super appreciate Liu and Takeda for taking us on this woman-empowering, LGBTQ journey of majestic proportions.

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