Mini Reviews: Half a Soul, The Crown of Gilded Bones

Rounding out my year’s worth of books read! I’ve got several reflection posts to put up for the end of the year, including a Top Ten of 2022, but that can wait until next week when I’ve sorted through my journal and notes.

For now, some more reviews!

I was alerted about this book when Fairyloot actually sent an email about early access to their edition. At the time, it was described as a “fairy tale regency romance” and, well, see, THAT ALREADY GOT ME. I was sold from the very beginning.

It’s actually weird to be looking at the cover for Half a Soul on Goodreads, because the normal cover is this emerald green (which, no complaints, I actually like it!), but my copy of the book is the FL edition, which completely altered the color choices. As a person who will pick blue over green any day, I am absolutely in love with this blue and gold combo.

As for The Crown of Gilded Bones

I ultimately read this book for “the plot” where the plot was most definitely not Casteel and Poppy getting it on at every surface and wall they can access. Most definitely not.

(This is book 3 of the From Blood and Ash series, FYI.)

Will I read the next book? Probably. Because my trash self still happens to like Casteel despite all his saccharine goodness in this third book. But book 4 is definitely where I’m stopping.

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