Mini Reviews: Spin the Dawn, The Handmaid’s Tale (The Graphic Novel)

Alright, last set of reviews left over from my 2022 reading! Which means I actually should finish a book soon if I want to actually consistently keep my review blog slightly alive. Or maybe I’ll write more…

But MAYBE I won’t worry too much about this considering I still have grad school and work.


Spin the Dawn had that old-school fantasy feel that I loved about Tamora Pierce’s Tortallan series. I think if I’d read it around the same time I’d fallen in love with The Song of the Lioness quartet, I probably would have loved this more. But I also felt like this book could have been broken up into two parts and I honestly wouldn’t have minded.

I will most definitely read more from Lim, though when that will happen, I haven’t decided yet.

Also, color me pleased and intrigued that I found a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale: The Graphic Novel at my library! I’ve been combing the graphic novels section at my library because re-reading classics is so much more fun when they’ve been set to a different medium. Still doesn’t make this book any scarier when you think about it.

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