Mini Reviews: Night of Cake & Puppets, An Offer From a Gentleman

I think I need to take airplane flights more often. I got quite a bit of reading done in February because of this, and now I feel like I’m slacking in March. (I’m not…it just feels that way.)

Night of Cake and Puppets was a companion novella to Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, and I’d gotten a copy of this book second-hand because I absolutely loved Zuzana and Mik as secondary characters. Their dialogue did bring levity in a story that was so heavy with conflict that I appreciated the almost kitschy way their romance unfolded. THAT SAID. I absolutely loved the first two books of DoSaB. The third one I could give or take, because it did have some scenes I loved, and others I didn’t. But NoCaP was just saccharine sweet, and I’m not complaining.

An Offer from a Gentleman is the third Bridgerton book, and honestly, I’m just going through these books for the sake of going through them at this rate because I actually liked the interactions between the Bridgerton siblings and their mother. Unfortunately, book-Benedict lacks any of the chill he had in the show, and most of the time he came off as a jerk who couldn’t take no for an answer. There’s a difference between consent and forceful manipulation, Bridgerton 2, and you’re far too deep in the cups on the latter.

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