Mini Reviews: Where the Crawdads Sing, An Arrow to the Moon

I have officially run out of books to do mini-reviews of. Oops. Blast my constant neurotic need to post something every week! Maybe I’ll cut back. But if I do, this becomes a gateway and excuse to not write anything at all. Blast that too!

I ended up watching the movie adaptation shortly after finishing the audiobook, and I will say I actually liked the adaptation a bit more. The pacing and order of the scenes made more narrative sense to me, and I appreciated the story much more after watching the movie.

So I liked this book for Hunter and Luna. That’s it. That’s about the gist of it. Which, on hindsight, is actually a good thing, considering the original tale of Romeo and Juliet was the exact opposite. I hated the two star-crossed lovers, but actually liked most of the other petty ass characters. There’s just no pleasing me with this trope, lol!

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