Mini Reviews: Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries, Beyond the Wand

Yep. Officially out of books on my backburner to review, for both minis AND full reviews. After coming back from break, I’ve been at a slight standstill, and I’ve really only read one book this month, which is well shameful, considering how much I’ve read in previous months. ANYWAY. I’ll try to finish at least two of the ones I’ve been working on this week.

These two minis are at least great enders if I’m heading into a reading slump (which I am adamantly trying not to!).

There’s not much to say about Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries other than it was absolutely excellent, and definitely right up my alley in terms of faerie folklore, cozy fantasy (with the characters literally trying to get cozy–and not in a romantic sense, though this is not out of the question either), and the goodest doggy ever. Now I kind of regret selling my Fairyloot edition of this book, because I would have loved to have kept it in my collection…

And speaking of fantasies…

Beyond the Wand highlights Tom Felton’s journey as an actor, as well as a decent human bean (yes, I said bean). I loved the insights he had within the Harry Potter cinematic world, but also the fact that he’s narrating this and basically reading it in such a laid back style.

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