Short Stories

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Vol. 6, Dreaming Robot Press
Jaz has a problem, and it’s the rain. When the rains produce a downpour that’s much more dangerous than her mother had initially thought, Jaz springs into action and attempts to do the one thing to stop the rains: steal the clouds that made them.

“Clockwork Carabao”
2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Dreaming Robot Press
Hati finds a carabao in dusty old Cebu City. Only, this particular carabao isn’t really alive. It’s made of mechanism that interests Hati, and when it finally moves, her ever-curious mind becomes filled with wonder and excitement. [EXCERPT]

2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Dreaming Robot Press
Rela is a mechanic and a messenger girl. She likes to ride her bright pink hoverbike across the expanse of the Philippines. The problem is, when Rela’s bike breaks down near a volcanic ruin, will she be able to make it out in time and away from danger? [GUEST POST]

“Chasing Volcanoes”
The SEA is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia, Rosarium Publishing
Caliso cares about two things: volcanoes and making money off of volcanoes. When a northern princess asks for aid, Caliso is more than happy to oblige, but only because handing the princess to the proper authorities could gain her a terribly great profit. So what if doing this means a betrayal of everything that’s good in the ash-torn Philippines? [INTERVIEW] * [EXCERPT]

“Robot Sister Number Phi”
2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Dreaming Robot Press
Shai is tired of dealing with a most unfun older sister, so much so that she would rather build a robot sister to take Angel’s place. [EXCERPT 1] * [EXCERPT 2] * [INTERVIEW]

“Smuggler’s Deal”
Kisses by Clockwork, Ticonderoga Publications
Stranded on Old World earth, Aura has no choice but to ally herself with the very smuggler responsible for shooting her airship down. [EXCERPT]

“Caring for Kapre”
Spellbound Winter 2013 Issue: Giants, Eggplant Literary Productions
Tzippi is afraid of the monsters in the banana groves, but she soon realizes that not all monsters are the same.

“Harnessed Lightning”
Ancient NewDeepwood Publishing
A spontaneous and seemingly profitable venture goes sour for Captain Masheck when his prototype airship encounters a band of pirates.

“Krista’s Tikbalang”
Spellbound Fall 2013 Issue: Creatures of the Deep, Dark Woods, Eggplant Literary Productions
There are monsters in the forests, but when her brother goes missing, Krista has no choice but to venture forth.

“Shadow Dancer”
Dreaming of DjinnTiconderoga Publications
Dancer by day, thief by night, Desha inaugurates her young charge in the ways of the shadows.

“Thrice the Sanity”
World JumpingHadley Rille Books
They say the moons at full light bring thrice the sanity. Flash fiction.

“The Body in the Water”
Return of the Dead Men (and Women) Walking, Bards and Sages Publishing
Peace never lasts upon a sailing ship, but a living corpse is something first mate Henry never entirely prepared for.

“Thrice the Sanity” Hadley Rille December Newsletter, Hadley Rille Books

Unpublished Teasers

“Amber and Tourmalines”
A black market dealer investigates the untimely deaths of important colleagues. A man down on his luck and resorts to thievery to make ends meet. Only he steals from the black market dealer, who has no problem apprehending him. Now she has to find a way to make him work for her, or kill him for finding out her secret. [EXCERPT 1]

Reluctant Sheerin is dragged to consult on a missing girl case for insufferable P.I. Axel Holloway. What keeps her invested is that the girl has Sheerin’s brand of skill: pulling the thoughts out of pictures. [EXCERPT 1] * [EXCERPT 2] * [EXCERPT 3] * [EXCERPT 4] * [EXCERPT 5]

Writing Exercises

“Writing: Muse”
“Writing: A Love Story”

Character Study: “Whistle”
Character Study: “Fire and Flight”

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