Look, Ma, I got my N7 stripes!

I should really be writing about faeries and circuses at the moment, but instead I'm staring at my knitting and attempting to make myself awesome Mass Effect-inspired paraphernalia. Priorities, right? Sorry, I'm not sorry. There's something about BioWare's Mass Effect trilogy that puts it at the top of my favorite video games of all time list, and [...]

TARDIS: Bigger on the Inside

Because clearly I'm not already a big enough Doctor Who fan, what with the cookies and my poster and my mini-TARDIS and my adipose plushie nicknamed Allons-y (full name being Caius Alonso Napoleon)... In my defense, the knitted project was for a friend's belated birthday present. And now that he's actually got the project, the need [...]

Stick them with the pointy end

I meant to share some more writing news, but I think I'll wait until Ticonderoga Publications comes up with the cover image for their April anthology *coughs*. That said! I have a couple projects I'm hopeful to complete this year (including something book-reading-reviewing related to motivate me to devour more books than I did last [...]