WRITING: Three Dresses

Intro: So I did a freewrite with my students, because honestly, it's one of the few times I write creatively these days, and because the topic was "Fairy Tales," I decided to write alongside them. It's good exercise, and I'm trying to do a creative writing assignment for one of my summer classes in a [...]

Writing: Muse

Intro: I have not done many fiction writing exercises lately, but at the suggestion of a professor, I can use this time to get back to my love for it, and what better time than doing freewrites with my students? This is kind of a spinoff to my previous thought about "Writing as a Person." [...]

Wrap Up: October 2017

Wrap Up: October 2017

Bogged. Down. So. Much. There's something about the last three months of the year that makes them the busiest months for most people. I'm definitely one of those people, what with work, birthday and holiday bakes, and other overall antics I get up to in the upcoming months. Busyness is not necessarily a bad thing, [...]