Mini Reviews: Come Tumbling Down, Across the Green Grass Fields

Alright, this is probably where I’m going to slow down on my blitzing through the Wayward Children series. I’m running out of books, and the next one, Where the Drowned Girls Go, is the last one of the set until the next novella publishes in January. HOW did I manage to devour these novellas so quickly, is my question…

Come Tumbling Down has the same macabre charm as Down Beneath the Sticks and Bones and I absolutely loved it. Naturally enough, considering it’s a Jack and Jill story, with the usual band of characters in tow. No quests indeed. Except when you’re headed down the Moors.

Across the Green Grass Fields opens up the backstory of a character I’m not familiar with. I don’t actually remember Regan popping up in any of the main-story plotlines, so I read the book as though she was a new character. I wonder if she’ll feature in the later present plotlines or if this was just meant to be a one-off. One thing’s for sure, the end kind of hints to the former.

Ugh, it’s going to be really difficult to hold off on reading the next book, but hey, I have Middlegame now, so maybe I’ll read that for my Seanan McGuire fix!

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